Inside Look at a Kitchen Renovation

Posted: November 13, 2013 in Kitchen Renovation
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It all started with a pool. After Karen Mooney, VP of Creative for Ballard Designs, and her husband Joe, who entertain often, installed a pool in their backyard two years ago, they quickly realized they needed easier access to it. “We had no way to get to the pool except to go through our master bedroom and bathroom,” she says. “Needless to say, it was a little uncomfortable for our guests.”

Creating a backyard exit off the kitchen was the obvious solution and one that made the most sense. The only problem was the space just behind the kitchen was her son’s bedroom. The homeowners decided to go all in and add a second story to the home. They moved their son’s room upstairs into the new addition, along with an expanded master bedroom and home office. The home renovation gave them a lot of extra space, a new kitchen and a seating area with a view—and exit—to the backyard.


Knocking down the bedroom wall and remodeling the kitchen would give Karen the chance to open up and refresh her outdated kitchen and, aesthetically speaking, make it more her.

Karen's kitchen, before

Karen tested huge swatches of paint on her existing cabinetry before her renovation to be sure she chose just the right shade of gray

Karen's kitchen, before

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