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We have moved in to the new new house. So new it’s not quite complete – the builders reliably arrive at 7am on weekdays. The dirt outside waits for green. Inside, we shuffle boxes, search for things constantly, and settle on spots for stuff. Bang things up. The kitchen bench went in this week, and the kitchen tap delivers water. The bread makers were fired up today and add to the heat load in this passive-ish house. Dinner #1 in the new kitchen was an entire page from Al Brown Stoked. Jerk chick, orangey salsa and a potato salad, though he called for kumara. A new new recipe for me. New year, new house; new kitchen, new kai.


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How To Paint Your Oak Kitchen Cabinets

The idea of painting kitchen cabinets first came around at our old house in Alberta, but I was too scared. I have seen too many kitchens with awful painted cabinets, and I was worried they would have a similar effect. Then we moved to BC and bought this house. This house had the dated 1970′s kitchen cabinets.

Just for new cabinets it would have cost us thousands, but it was out of our budget. Especially since once the kitchen cabinets were done then I would want new back splash, counter tops, etc. It’s a similar situation to the book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”. I’m the kind of person to get an “itch” and just do it. A few months ago, I hit my head on the cupboards shown above and had enough. I grabbed a pull bar and they were down within a few minutes. I still have to prime and paint there.

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A Bold Entry Table

Posted: January 24, 2014 in Home Improvement, Kitchen Ideas

I find myself attracted to entry’s that make a statement, specifically with a little pattern and color.

I am pretty sold on the idea of adding a bold removable wallpaper.
It just adds so much personality and helps define the space.