Consider Commercial Restaurant Equipment for your Kitchen

Posted: February 5, 2014 in Home Improvement, Kitchen Ideas, Kitchen Renovation

Reblogged from Bob Bessette

In this age of specialization, it is not uncommon for a typical homeowner to opt for buying commercial restaurant equipment for their home kitchen. The durability and long-lasting quality of today’s commercial kitchen restaurant equipment is not only for the restaurant owner but also for the homeowner. That is why today’s homeowners, whose lives revolve around the kitchen, are pursuing restaurant supply commercial kitchen equipment. And if brand new commercial appliances are much too expensive and surpass a homeowner’s budget, there is always the option of buying used commercial restaurant equipment. If you are a passionate home chef there are ways for you to fashion your home kitchen with professional quality.

Commercial Restaurant Equipment

Commercial Restaurant Appliances

So what types of commercial restaurant equipment make sense for a homeowner to pursue? Obviously a walk-in freezer or a commercial deep-fryer won’t work in a typical home kitchen environment. And a standing ice machine is another large footprint item that probably doesn’t make sense for a kitchen in a typical home. But certainly a commercial style pull-down kitchen faucet or a 6 burner industrial oven would be a real possibility and an absolute dream for a person who lives each day in the kitchen preparing meals and cleaning up for a growing family. These types of purchases are not out of the realm of possibility for the homeowner these days. And, let’s not forget, there is always the possibility of buying a 6 burner commercial oven in the used commercial restaurant equipment market. Used restaurant equipment for sale is in high demand these days. There are auctions at restaurants that are going out of business that anyone can attend and bid on items. There are also online restaurant auctions that anyone can attend with a click of your mouse. These online auctions really open up the possibility of purchasing commercial restaurant equipment for any homeowner anywhere in the world.

Commercial Restaurant Equipment

Commercial Kitchen Accessories

A great way to invest in commercial restaurant equipment, whether new or used, is to consider purchasing high quality kitchen accessories that will last a lifetime. One kitchen accessory that a home chef uses on a daily basis is a stand mixer. This is an item that could be picked up used at a restaurant auction, online or in person, since the restaurant-grade stand mixers will last forever. There are a myriad of commercial-grade kitchen accessories that make sense for the homeowner including stainless steel strainers, cheese graders, high quality pots and pans, and the ever popular dutch ovens that permeate quality restaurants throughout the world. How about picking up a commercial grade industrial-strength blender that you can use to whip up your margaritas on the weekends or to make smoothies for your family? One item that is very popular in a home kitchen is a commercial style pull-down kitchen faucet which makes washing dishes for the homeowner much easier. And what could be sweeter than using a high-end rolling pin or stainless steel serving spoons, spatulas, and ladles in your own home kitchen?

Commercial Restaurant Equipment

Commercial restaurant equipment may not be for every homeowner. But, if you love your kitchen and spend the majority of your days cooking with love for your family or maybe just for yourself, it may make sense to pursue high-end commercial kitchen equipment. Why shouldn’t you the homeowner be afforded the luxuries that a professional chef has in a high-end commercial kitchen? You may find out that once your home kitchen is fashioned with high quality restaurant supply commercial kitchen equipment, you just might start cooking like a pro!


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